The FLEX LUNCH Program complies with New Jersey’s Recess Bill S847 since participation in the program is completely voluntary and requires parent authorization in order to attend the program. Teachers are not permitted to force students to attend the Flex Lunch Program for any reason including making up work. Once enrolled, Daily attendance to the Flex Lunch Program is flexible and is always up to the student.


The Pierrepont Guidance FLEX LUNCH Program is designed to give students more flexibility

and autonomy during the school day to help meet their academic goals and also provide them

a flexible lunch period. Students will be given the opportunity to choose how they use their

lunch time- academic support, time to complete assignments and homework, meet with fellow

peers to form study groups, or simply choose to socialize and decompress.


The Pierrepont Guidance “FLEX LUNCH” Program requires parent authorization in order to

participate in the program. Students will be allowed to eat their lunch in the Guidance Office

and store their Chrome Book during the student’s recess period if the student should choose to

utilize the recess block to leave the Guidance Office. Students will be asked to work together

to maintain our beautiful campus by cleaning up their areas and throwing away all trash.

Students will have the choice each day in how they want to use their time. Students who order

a lunch from either No-Fuss, The Pomptonian Lunch Service, or from one of the PTA Sponsored

Lunch Programs will simply pick up their lunch from the Multi-Purpose Room and bring it to the

Guidance Office.


Pierrepont Guidance believes that giving students autonomy with their time builds

responsibility and empowers students. Students may choose how they use their lunch time

each day, and it is important that students utilize this time to become more successful at

Pierrepont School. From additional academic support and enrichment opportunities, to simply

the GIFT of TIME, The Pierrepont Guidance “FLEX LUNCH” Program will help students alleviate

the academic workload and extracurricular demands that are so often experienced by students



Mr. Siskas will supervise the “FLEX LUNCH” Program daily for the two lunch periods that occur

at Pierrepont School. Students will have the opportunity to utilize Chrome Books, Internet

Access and Printing Capabilities in order to accomplish their daily goals. Should

students experience any issues or concerns, they can alert Mr. Siskas as needed.