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When The Rutherford Public Schools underwent a "District Re-Configuration of The Elementary and Middle Schools" in 2016, Mr. Siskas was appointed the role of Guidance Counselor at Pierrepont School. September 2019 will begin my 13th year in the Rutherford Public Schools and my fourth year as the Guidance Counselor at Pierrepont School. I am honored to have the opportunity to serve as the sole Guidance Counselor to Pierrepont School that serves approximately 600 students. Part of my mission as Guidance Counselor is to make all students by sixth grade aware of the rapidly changing climate in regards to higher education and securing a prospective career. With that said, I coordinate Pierrepont’s Annual Career Day so that students can get a taste to what specific fields and jobs are still hiring and to understand that having a successful four years at Rutherford High School can significantly change how much you pay for college. 

Mr. Siskas serves as the School Testing Coordinator for Pierrepont School. Currently in the State of New Jersey, students in grades 4-6 are assessed in Language Arts & Math with the NJSLA-ELA & NJSLA-Math. Grade 5 is also assessed in Science with the NJSLA-S. Mr. Siskas is passionate in the area of Test Coordination Services and is proud to state that every year in my role as School Testing Coordinator (5 Years To Date), I have always achieved a "Zero On-Site Irregularity Environment" for it's students and testing administrators. Additionally, Mr. Siskas supervises all Make-Up Testing and Proctors Extended Time Make-Up Testing.

Mr. Siskas is the Anti-Bullying Specialist at Pierrepont who oversees all incidents of Bullying and investigates all claims with the assistance of the administration. Grade level lessons are taught by him to all students in educating them about the N.J. Law on Bullying as well as school violence prevention lessons to the sixth grade. Pierrepont School is also proud to be involved with the NY JETS in their Stomp Out Bullying Campaign Program. As a result, Pierrepont School recognizes “Upstanders of The Week” who receive Complimentary Tickets To A Jets Game With Parking and a T-Shirt. 



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